Why did the District hire an outside transportation company? Is it more expensive?

There is a lot of misinformation in our community about our busing. We own our school buses, and we employ the drivers, mechanics, and office staff. We have contracted out for only routing and management of our transportation system.

We know there is a lot of frustration this year with transportation—we share in that frustration. We had a lot of changes to manage and we ultimately decided the routes were not done well and should be redone, which happened just before school started. This put added stress on our drivers and our families. We apologize for that.

In trying to save money and cut administrative costs, routing errors led to inefficient routes which we worked to improve (and continue to do so). However, the current two-tier part of the system has not increased costs. This part was a cost-neutral change.

To add to the challenges of this fall, we had more than 200 students added to routes in August (late enrollments) and experienced major road construction projects and detours that delay routes. These factors along with a transition to a new system created increased complexity and frustration for many.