Why does the ballot say $565? Is that how much I have to pay?

No. $565 is not your cost. When voters read the referendum ballot, it will show a “per pupil” (or per student) increase. The per-pupil amount is not the cost to property owners. 

State law requires the ballot to be written as a “per-pupil” amount; schools receive funding based on per-pupil formulas, including referendum funding. Question 1 asks for $565 per pupil. Multiplying $565 (per pupil) by the number of children served will provide the school district $2.9 million. We agree, it would be easier for the ballot to ask to increase revenue by $2.9 million, but state law requires a per-pupil figure. Question 2 asks for an additional $121 per pupil, which generates about $636,000. Together the two questions will raise $3.5 million for the schools.

Sometimes, voters see the per-pupil amount and confuse it with the tax impact or cost to taxpayers. The $2.9 million and $636,000 that the district is asking for is divided among all the properties in the school district, based on property value, so the tax impact on individual properties is much less than the per-pupil amount. For example, a home valued at $200,000 will pay an additional $12 per month in property taxes if both Question 1 and Question 2 pass. We encourage property owners to check out our Tax Calculator to determine your individual cost.

Please take a look at the ballot below.


Ballot language with mark-up showing per pupil amount is NOT the tax per property