How can private schools provide an education for half what the public schools spend?

The answer is private schools can’t. Private school tuition might be less, but “tuition alone does not cover the cost of a private education,” according to the school’s website. Gifts (large and small) bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of operating the school. Some costs, like transportation and student support services are funded through our public school district budget. With unpublished budgets, per/pupil expenses by private schools are unclear, but it is certainly higher than tuition alone. Private schools can also be selective in admissions and aren’t required to educate all students, which is the responsibility of public schools. We know that our C-I School’s general education cost per pupil is $8,225 which is significantly below the state average of $9,500. And we know that, after $8.5 million of budget reductions, we are the LOWEST spending district in the Mississippi Eight Conference and one of the lowest spending school districts in the state of Minnesota.