Why should we keep increasing funding for schools? Will it make any difference?

We agree that school funding isn’t perfect, and it’s frustrating and complicated to most people. What we do know is this: Cambridge-Isanti Schools per-student funding ranks #311 out of 327 Minnesota school districts. Most districts receive 20% of their operating budget from local property taxes, but only 10% of the Cambridge-Isanti operating budget is funded by local property taxes. We’re heavily reliant on state funding.

What we also know is that our community expects and deserves a strong educational system that provides career and college readiness for all students. We can’t do that alone. We have a long-standing tradition of partnering with parents, citizens, and business owners to provide excellent opportunities for all Bluejackets. 

Will more funding make a difference? YES. If the referendum is approved, we will hire and retain more high-quality teachers and lower class sizes. Teachers will have more time to provide indivdiual student support with fewer students in a class. We will maintain and enhance our vocational, technical education classes and expand career and college readiness opportunities. We will allow teachers, staff and leaders to focus on students and learning instead of a budget-cutting process next spring. 

Without this referendum, we will have to continue making budget cuts. That may mean more job cuts, fewer opportunities for kids, and increasing class sizes. Plus, we’re losing excellent teachers to other school districts who have more stable funding. We want our teachers to stay in the community. We want our graduates who pursue a career in teaching to teach here, in Cambridge-Isanti. This referendum won’t solve all of our state funding problems, but it will ensure we can continue to provide excellent opportunities for all of our students. We know that everyone is asking for more money, all the time, and we believe that the smartest use of dollars is to invest back in the community you live in and the children who live here. Funding your cities, your schools and keeping your businesses afloat is important—we’re all in this together. 


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