Are you asking to build a new building?

No! The 2021 referendum is asking to hire more teachers, reduce class size and support student learning - including career and vocational-technical education. The legal language is very strict, and the board is committed to only using the new levy for learning.

There is a lot of misinformation on social media asking about a new high school or more school buildings. This is NOT a building or bond referendum; it is a levy for learning. Do you want students to have more personalized attention from teachers? Do you want kindergarteners in classes of 25 or 20? Do you want to lower class sizes in the high school from 37 or 38? We are asking for bare-bones, back to the basics funding.

Do you want our schools to offer shop classes, small motors, welding, wood working, and family and consumer science classes? None of these are required in existing state funding. If we want to offer these classes, it will require local support.