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Transparency: District Creates Citizens' Finance Advisory Committee

As a new District Leadership team prepares for a challenging budget year and its first full-budget cycle, the administration is calling for the creation of a Citizen’s Finance Advisory Council. The charge of the council will be to:

  • Increase transparency into the budget and financial management process.
  • Increase communications with the public on budget implications.
  • Receive community member input on financial decisions.
  • Provide advice to the School Board on emerging financial tools.

District Leadership has been hosting many meetings with residents and would like to formalize the community involvement process. Many other districts use a Citizen’s Finance Advisory Committee to tap the expertise of financial professionals in their communities.

The first activity of the Financial Advisory Council will be to fully analyze the District’s local levy and budget deficit situation and make a recommendation to the School Board prior to December when the Final Levy needs to be certified. The Financial Advisory Council will meet at least monthly, with additional evening meetings likely.

The District is seeking diverse industry experience and professional points of view for this council. If you are interested in serving, please complete our online application form. Experience in business, finance, operations, insurance, healthcare or human resources preferred. Meetings will begin in October.

 Launch the online form in Google.