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Budget Reduction Process

Virtual Public Forum, April 7, 6 p.m.

Because we are still limited from hosting large gatherings, the District will host a Virtual Public Forum via Facebook Live on April 7 to discuss the budget reduction process. It will provide an opportunity to address questions from community members regarding our budget reduction process. Please submit questions in advance via email to or you can pose questions via Facebook during the forum. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can still watch the live forum at 

Over the last two years, Cambridge-Isanti Schools has cut $7.5 Million from the budget and eliminated more than 90 jobs. These reductions have impacted all parts of our organization and continue to be felt each day. Still, we are committed to living within our means and rebuilding the fiscal health of the district.

Funding Gaps
Looking at the 2021-2022 school year budget, we are facing a $1.7 million structural deficit. Our budget reduction timeline stretches from February-May with a commitment to proactive communication and collaboration with our staff, community and Community Task Force.
As we once again face budget reductions, we are reminded that C-I Schools are among the most cost-efficient districts in Minnesota. Without an operating referendum levy, we are the lowest funded and lowest spending district in the Mississippi 8 Conference and rank #308/330 school districts in Minnesota for per/pupil funding. Compared to the state revenue average, C-I Schools receive $1,300 per pupil less than the average MN district. Our district is facing a revenue problem, but the only levers available at this time are on the expense side of the ledger.
The past year of the pandemic has brought additional financial challenges. We have received one-time funding to help with some of the expenses, but the funding is highly restricted in its use. We will be able to use some of the funds to defer part of our $1.7M (annual) structural deficit, but without a revenue solution, these expenses will likely be added to the following year’s deficit.

Watch the March 25 Budget Presentation

Goal: Long-Term Fiscal Health of the District

District officials are committed to living within our means and being fiscally responsible. Without additional revenue, the District must reduce the operating budget for fiscal year 2021-2022.

On March 25, the administrative team presented the School Board with $1,064,000 in FY2022 Reduction Considerations, which include:

  • Buildings & Grounds: $42,000
  • Transportation Model: TBD
  • Co-curricular (uniforms, MS activities, fee donation): $65,000
  • Admin/Other Operations (Admin, Food Svc, CE, Tech): $197,000
  • Retirements: $229,000
  • Academic Programing (School For All Seasons): $245,000
  • Teacher Staffing: $286,000

Questions & Answers

If you have questions, please use our online feedback form and we will continue to update the Q & A page on our website.