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You can "Count" on our Math Masters to have a Great Competition!

The Math Masters Virtual Competition was held on Thursday, April 29.  CIS students did a great job!

Team Competition (out of 24 teams competing)

ALL 3 of our teams placed in the TOP HALF!!

6th Place (receiving ribbons)5 Math Masters Students holding ribbons
Savanna Hasser
Bjorn Erickson
Sydney Venhuizen
Angela Becker
Zack Stilson
Team Blue
Sophie Maikkula
Tara Tran
Damien Kassa
Owen Earl
Conrad Vavra
Team Red
Rozlyn Farr
Lausen Noren
Masen McCourt
Darren Draxten
Chloe Ericson
Alternate Competitors:
Olivia Shaefer
Axel Goetsch
Levi Machovec

Individual (out of 117 students competing)

11 of our 15 individuals placed in the TOP HALF!
5th Place Conrad Vavra (medal)
7th Place Bjorn Erickson (medal)

Fact Drill (out of 117 students competing)

9 of our 15 individuals placed in the TOP HALF!
10th Bjorn Erickson (5-way tie!) (ribbon)