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What is School For All Seasons?


  • SFAS began in July of 1999  
  • Tuition FREE 
  • Grades K-5
  • Small school atmosphere
  • S.T.E.A.M. Focus (Science, Technology, Environment, Art, Math)
  • Year round schedule: three trimesters, twelve weeks in length with breaks between 
  • Eight-week summer break   

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is School For All Seasons located?
SFAS is located within the Isanti Intermediate School in their own designated wing. 

Does is cost anything to enroll my child in SFAS?  
No.  There are no tuition costs. We are part of the Cambridge-Isanti School District.

Does my child have to start in Kindergarten to attend SFAS in the later years?
No.  SFAS accepts enrollment of new students in all grades. We are always excited to engage new students through hands on explorations into our community.

We take vacations in the summer. Can I still do this with my family?
Yes.  SFAS follows a year round calendar that includes an 8 week break in the summer, along with 2 week breaks in November, December and March. Our families enjoy the opportunity to take vacations and travel multiple times a year.

If we live in Cambridge, can my child ride the bus to school?
Yes.  Students from either the Cambridge or Isanti community use school district buses to and from school.

What does STEAM stand for?
Science, Technology, Environment, Art and Mathematics

If we are out of school district boundaries, can I enroll my child?
Yes.  Cambridge-Isanti Schools offer open enrollment. Please contact our office for more information at 763-552-8800.

Is your curriculum the same as the rest of the school district?
Yes.  We use the same curriculum as the rest of the district with a STEAM emphasis.

How many more days do we go to school than the traditional calendar?
Zero.  We have 172 student days just like the traditional calendar schools.

What makes SFAS unique?

  • Homeroom - K-5 homeroom class with one teacher throughout a student's time at SFAS.
  • Kids Club - An all-school assembly twice each month to build community through games, activities, songs and celebrations.
  • Buddy Time - Academic and social interactions with buddies from different grade levels.
  • STEAM Emphasis - Science, Technology, Environment, Arts and Mathematics are integrated throughout our day through hands-on learning opportunities and unique learning experiences.