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Distance Learning Extended

Throughout Minnesota and Isanti County, COVID case rates are continuing to increase. Last week, our COVID MDH case rate surpassed 115, and this week it will likely exceed 170. For context, Minnesota’s Safe Learning Plan recommends considering a Distance Learning Model for all students when positive cases exceed 50 cases per 10,000. Our county contagion rate far exceeds that.

With a Thanksgiving Holiday weekend followed by Winter Break a few weeks later, experts anticipate our COVID numbers will peak after the beginning of the New Year. Winter Break is of course scheduled for December 23 – January 4. The County is advising a two-week incubation period following Winter Break before we consider if we can return to some sort of a Hybrid Model. Therefore, we are extending our Distance Learning through January 19, with Group A students potentially returning to a Hybrid Model on Wednesday, January 20. Group B students would then potentially return on January 21.

See the Return to Learn webpage for more information.