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Cambridge-Isanti Preschool joins!

Cambridge-Isanti Preschool has joined the K-12 Schools in using! is an easy to use electronic form of publishing school supply lists. No more searching for your list at the store, have your list in hand before you go! Or at the touch of your fingertips on any device!

Just go to and select "Find a List" under Parents. Then we recommend searching for the preschool by Zip Code - Cambridge is 55008 & Isanti is 55040.

The search will bring up a list of schools assigned to that zip code. Click on the school that you want and the list name then print, share or click to add all items to a cart on Amazon or Target! Easy!

Phew! You can cross that one off of your school to do list!


Cambridge-Isanti Preschool - Cambridge

Cambridge-Isanti Preschool - Isanti