• Tax Impact

    A fiscally conservative approach asks for a local investment of $25 per month on an average property, less than $1 per day

    In an effort to build trust and transparency, we asked Ehlers, independent public finance experts, to prepare information on the tax impact for the referendum. 

    NOTE: Agricultural property will pay taxes for the proposed referendum based ONLY on the value of the house, garage and one acre. Seasonal recreational residential property (i.e., cabins) will pay no taxes for the proposed referendum.

Ehlers Tax Impact Chart

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  • Tax Impact in 2024-2030
    Estimates above are specific to the impact of the proposed referendum on taxes payable in 2021. Preliminary estimates indicate that the additional increase in taxes in 2024 would be approximately $72 annually or $6 a month
    for every $100,000 of market value.