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    What is on the Ballot?

    Cambridge-Isanti Schools proposes to increase funding for day-to-day operations by $800 per student, for taxes payable beginning in 2021, with a second increase to $1,200 per student for taxes payable beginning in 2024. Inflationary increases occur annually during the 10-year authorization. This question provides an additional $4 Million in annual revenue to the district through 2023 and increases to $6.1 Million in annual revenue beginning in 2024. The district is phasing-in the referendum funding and only asking for what is needed when it is needed. This is a fiscally conservative approach designed to minimize the tax impact.

    An operating levy referendum is a levy for learning. It helps fund day-to-day operations within our schools, which includes teachers, classroom supplies, instructional assistants, instructional materials, utility bills, building custodians and districtwide functions such as accounting, payroll and technology.

    The increased revenue will be used to maintain the high-quality education we have come to expect, reduce some class sizes, avoid budget cuts and provide more financial stability for the District.

    TAX IMPACT: $25 per month on an average home in the district ($200,000 home) from 2021-2023; another $15 per month on average home beginning in 2024. 


    Ballot Question:  

    graphic of the ballot question

    The board of Independent School District No. 911 (Cambridge-Isanti Public Schools) has proposed to increase its referendum revenue authorization by the following amounts for taxes payable in the years specified below:

    • $800 per pupil for taxes payable in 2021, with an inflationary increase in that amount for taxes payable in 2022 and 2023;
    • and an increase to $1,200 per pupil for taxes payable in 2024, with an inflationary increase in that amount for taxes payable in 2025 through 2030.

    The proposed new authorization would be applicable during the ten-year period specified unless otherwise revoked or reduced as provided by law.

    Shall the increase in the revenue proposed by the board of Independent School District No. 911 be approved?

    YES or NO