IIS | SFAS Welcome and Mission

   Welcome to Isanti Intermediate School and School for All Seasons!   

My name is Mark Ziebarth and I am the principal.  We are an intermediate elementary school proudly serving students in grades three, four, and five in the Isanti area.  Each grade level is housed in their own wing.  Each grade level is also served by specialists in the areas of physical education, music, media, and technology.  Every house contains between 5 and 7 classrooms and has support services to meet the needs of every learner.  Our school is working on carrying out our Strategic Plan that was developed in 2015. Our school’s mission statement is:


“The mission of Isanti Intermediate School, as the home of innovative education, is to maximize individual student growth and develop motivated, engaged lifelong learners who actively contribute to the community supported by effective partnerships between skilled educators, families, and community members to meet the unique needs of the whole child.”


   Our mission will be realized with the following objectives:

  1. Every student will feel safe to grow personally and academically in a rigorous learning environment.

  2. Every student will be an advocate for self and others.

  3. Every student will be a lifelong partner with schools.

  4. Each student will have the opportunity to learn about and serve their community.

  5. Every student will utilize innovative practices to maximize their learning.


   The following initiatives will help us carry out our objectives:

  1. We will provide innovative learning experiences and develop effective partnerships within our community.

  2. We will involve students in the development of their rigorous personal goals and provide differentiated programs which challenge students at all levels.

  3. We will foster positive family-school interactions for every student.

  4. We will ensure safe and productive learning environments.

  5. We will provide strategies and support to develop students’ advocacy skills.

  6. We will provide the tools and resources to give educators the expertise needed to utilize innovative practices in order to maximize learning.

  7. We will support technology use and means for students to maximize their learning in and out of school.

  8. We will support the physical and mental health of the students in and outside of the classroom.

   We welcome you to visit us anytime!  Our office hours are from 7:30-4:00 on school days.  We can be reached at 763-552-8800.