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The mission of Cambridge-Isanti Schools, as the leader in innovative education offering unlimited options and opportunities, is to develop well-rounded individuals who excel in leadership, achieve at the highest levels and are responsible citizens, through highly effective staff addressing the unique needs of each individual in partnership with parents, students, and a unified community.

As we aspire to be the leader in innovative education offering unlimited options and opportunities it is imperative that we start with the curriculum that is being used.  In the Cambridge-Isanti Schools we believe that a high quality, standards based curriculum implemented with effective research based instructional strategies will produce high levels of learning in all students.  As a part of our motto, "Every Student, Every Day" we feel that it is important to create learning environments that call for individualized instruction.

In order to help our students achieve success through highly effective staff, we utilize the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model.  This model includes 4 domains:

  • Standards-Based Planning

  • Standards-Based Instruction

  • Conditions for Learning 

  • Professional Responsibilities

We incorporate the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model by implementing the iObservation instructional and leadership improvement system.  This system collects, manages, and reports longitudinal data from classroom walkthroughs, teacher evaluations and teacher observations.  For more detailed information on the Marzano model open the following documents on the right:

  • The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model 
  • The Marzano Art and Science of Teaching Framework.

To the right you will also find our Literacy Plan, as well as our Math and Literacy Anchor documents.  These documents cover core instructional practices that we utilize in our classrooms. You will find information on whole group instruction, small group guided instruction and independent practice.

Our Blended Learning Plan provides more access for students to learn through the use of digital medium and cloud computing.  Some of the more immediate benefits to blended learning strategies are:

  • 24/7 access to curriculum and instruction
  • Further utilization of individualized learning paths and differentiation
  • Impacting lives by building relationships with students through a rigorous, relevant and engaging curriculum.


Learn more about the Minnesota Department of Education Academic Standards


Contact:  Brenda Damiani, Ed.D.  

Director of Teaching and Learning

Phone:  763-689-6217 | Email:  bdamiani@c-ischools.org