• Return to Learn | Plan for a safe return

    Cambridge and Isanti Middle Schools and Cambridge-Isanti High School will be in the Hybrid Learning Model for the foreseeable future in accordance with our local COVID data. All primary and intermediate schools will remain in in-person learning.

  • In Person Learning

    In Person Learning

    • Cambridge Primary
    • Isanti Primary
    • Cambridge Intermediate
    • Isanti Intermediate | School For All Seasons
  • Hybrid Learning

    Hybrid Learning Model

    • Cambridge Middle
    • Isanti Middle
    • Cambridge-Isanti High School
    • Riverside Academy
  • Distance Learning

    Distance Learning Model

  • School Start and Dismissal Times

  • Due to changes in transportation related to COVID-19 Response Planning, the start and end times for C-I Schools have been adjusted.

    Check the table below for school start and dismissal times.
    School Clock

    Isanti Intermediate/SFAS 7:45 AM 2:35 PM
    Isanti Primary School 8:15 AM 2:55 PM
    Isanti Middle School 8:25 AM 3:15 PM
    Cambridge Middle School 7:45 AM 2:35 PM
    Cambridge Primary School 8:15 AM 2:55 PM
    Cambridge Intermediate School 8:15 AM 2:55 PM
    Cambridge-Isanti High School 8:30 AM 3:15 PM
    Woodland Campus 8:00 AM 2:10 PM



  • Return to Learn (Quick Links)

  • Superintendent Nate Rudolph’s Weekly Update on C-I Schools Return to Learn

    Superintendent Nate Rudolph’s most recent update on the C-I Schools Return to Learn includes information about learning model changes, food service, transportation, and more. 


    Reminder: New bus procedures. Please review these procedures with your child.

    At the bus stop

    • All students should wash their hands prior to arriving at the school bus stop.
    • Maintain a six-foot distance around all students while waiting at the bus stop.
    • Avoid physical contact with other students.
    • Be prepared to board and deboard the bus in an orderly fashion.
    • Wear an approved face covering as you board the bus.

    Hygiene and safety on the school bus:

    • Listen and follow the bus driver’s directions.
    • Keep your belongings in your backpack.
    • Wear an approved face mask while riding the school bus Per Executive Order 20-81.
    • Each bus will have hand sanitizer available.

    Safety precautions that Cambridge Isanti Schools will be taking this year:

    • All buses will be fully sanitized with EPA cleaning products at the end of each AM and PM route. High contact areas such as handrails and tops of seats will be sanitized by drivers between runs.
    • Roof ventilation hatches and bus windows will be partially opened to provide fresh air circulation. 
    • Buses will run at 50% capacity during our hybrid model and students will be spread out as much as possible. Students will be placed in an assigned seat for all grade levels.  

    Safety precautions when arriving and departing schools:

    • All students should immediately deboard the bus in an orderly fashion and immediately head into the building to their assigned classrooms.


  • Placing health and safety as our top priority, our plans strive for consistency, predictability, and routine in our lessons, services and delivery models as we move between the three learning models required this year—and with as little disruption as possible. This year will be unlike any other. COVID community transmission rates will likely require changes throughout the 2020-2021 school year. In each learning model, we remain committed to our mission to develop well-rounded individuals who EXCEL in leadership, ACHIEVE at the highest levels, and are RESPONSIBLE citizens. EVERY STUDENT. EVERY DAY.

  • Return to Learn Plan Overview

    The health, well-being and safety of Cambridge-Isanti Schools staff and students is our TOP priority in every decision we make as we prepare to return to learning.

    The 2020 school year will be unlike any other in our history. The continuing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic is disruptive and will require flexibility, adaptability, patience, empathy and a commitment to health and safety. The State’s Safe Learning Plan is a localized, data-driven approach. It is grounded in the science of epidemiology, including contact tracing in our state since March. Working in partnership with the Isanti Public Health Department, local data will guide our decision-making. 

    Cambridge-Isanti Schools has aligned its Pandemic Response Plan with the guidelines outlined by the Minnesota Department of Health 2020-2021 Planning Guide for Schools, the Minnesota Department of Education Guidance for Minnesota Public Schools: 2020-2021 School Year Planning and the Safe Learning Plan for 2020-2021, the Center for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

    As directed by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), we have created three learning models to be used at any time during the 2020-2021 school year. We are working toward consistency, predictability, and routine in our lessons, services and delivery models as we move between the three learning models throughout the year—with as little disruption as possible. For each of these scenarios, Cambridge-Isanti Schools staff remain committed to our mission to develop well-rounded individuals who EXCEL in leadership, ACHIEVE at the highest levels, and are RESPONSIBLE citizens. EVERY STUDENT. EVERY DAY. 

    It is with hope and optimism that 20 committees of more than 100 teachers and staff, the Teaching & Learning Advisory and Special Education Advisory Councils have worked this summer to plan and prepare for the three scenarios, as directed by the state. It is a team and community effort to prepare our schools for a safe return to learning. Children thrive when they know that teachers, parents, and adults in their lives care about them and are making decisions in their best interest. We are committed to connecting with every student and family and inspiring a love of learning, a sense of personal responsibility and hope for their future—regardless of the delivery model in which we find ourselves throughout the year. 

    In partnership with Isanti Public Health and our entire C-I Schools team, we will continue to monitor public health conditions and will follow all executive orders and local guidance. If health conditions warrant a change in the state’s reopening phase, this plan will be updated.

  • Decision Making Process

  • Guiding Principles for Planning

  • Our Safe Learning Model

  • Contingency Planning and Moving between Learning Scenarios

  • COVID-19 Resources

  • Goals For A Safe Return

    Protect the health of staff and students

    Prevent community spread so we can keep learning in person

    Provide students with high-quality education

    Every decision we are making keeps SAFETY of staff & students as our very TOP PRIORITY.