An effective public relations/communications program is a necessary component of a school system's organization and operation. This policy is designed to provide the foundation for school district public relations and communications.


    The School Board directs the development, maintenance and operation of a public relations/communications program, and, is committed to providing factual, honest, timely and accurate information.

    The school district's public relations/communications program should:

    1. Encourage a better understanding of the goals, needs and accomplishments of the total educational program;
    2. Be a planned, systematic flow of information between the School Board, Superintendent, district employees, parents, and community members;
    3. Use a variety of media including but not limited to, meetings, letters, newspaper articles, news releases, radio and cable TV programs, publications, display signs, the District web site, and personal contacts; and
    4. Provide the channels necessary for resolving problems and eliminating misunderstandings.

    The school district's public relations/communications program will:

    1. Encourage informal, as well as formal, methods of communications;
    2. Be a planned, systematic flow of information between the schools employees, parents and community members;
    3. Provide clear channels for resolving problems and/or misunderstandings for students, staff, parents, and community members; and

    Supplement and support the general public relations/communications program of the school district. The School Board encourages all school employees to participate in positive school-community interaction by communicating pertinent and correct information to community members. This may be at the request of community members or at the initiative of the school employee.

    The School Board delegates to the Superintendent the development and coordination of a public relations/communications program in accordance with the above principles and suggestions. This will include foci on both internal and external communication plans.

    Source: Cambridge-Isanti Schools

    Reviewed: 11-20-89, 04-24-03, 09-22-16

    Approved: 07-24-86, 05-22-03, 10-13-16

Policy Manual