The schools and facilities of Cambridge-Isanti Schools belong to all of us and use by the District and by our community is encouraged. In exchange, as a partner, Cambridge-Isanti Schools requires that permit holders be responsible for the actions of its participants.  These procedures apply to all district and community use of facilities.

    Coordinating the use and rental of Cambridge-Isanti Schools buildings, facilities, and equipment is the responsibility of the Community Education Department.

    Every group using Cambridge-Isanti buildings or grounds must have an approved permit.


    The following classification and rate system has been developed in order to schedule facilities in a fair and equitable manner to all groups and organizations concerned.  Every effort will be made to distribute space in an equitable fashion.

    All groups will be categorized under one of the following classifications, with use priority in the following order.

    1. Class I:  Local groups based within Cambridge-Isanti Schools boundaries.
      1. Cambridge-Isanti Schools activities.  This includes all school events, theater, athletics and activities, and Community Education.
      2. Student initiated activities (per the Federal Equal Access Act, 20 U.S.C. 4071-74).
      3. Tax supported agencies.  This includes community college, city and county use.
      4. Non-profit groups.  This includes youth non-profit organizations, and non-profit civic and service groups.
      5. Non-Commercial groups in the district.  This includes families and home school groups.
      6. Commercial for-profit groups.  This includes private businesses and enterprises.
    2. Class II: Groups based outside Cambridge-Isanti Schools boundaries
      1. Non-profit and tax supported 
      2. Profit 


    Groups interested in using school facilities should make such requests with Community Education. The following process will be used:

    1. Please go to the district website, www.c-ischools.org, then hover over “Departments”.  Select “Community Education”, then hover over “Contact Us” and select “Facility Use”.  Then scroll down to “Downloads” and select the appropriate form for your event. If you do not have an Eleyo account, you will need to create one in order to proceed.
    2. Complete the permit request in Eleyo.
    3. Request for Facilities Forms must be submitted through Eleyo at least ten (10) business days prior to the first requested date. Allow for five (5) business days for your request to be approved.
    4. You will receive a link to your permit by email.  This link is only valid for seven (7) days.   Please make sure to download and print two copies of your permit.  Sign and return one copy to Community Education. Keep the second copy and bring it with you to your event.
    5. A permit is valid only after the Community Education Office has received a signed copy of the Facility Use Contract.
    6. Cambridge-Isanti Schools reserves the right to cancel any reservation should the need arise, without liability. When emergencies or unusual circumstances arise that necessitate rescheduling the use of school facilities, every effort will be made to find an acceptable alternative space and or date.


    1. Cambridge-Isanti Schools, by permitting Class I-B, C, D, E, F and Class II organizations the use and rental of its facilities and equipment, does not become a promoter, endorser, or sponsor of the Class I-B, C, D, E and Class II meeting/event.
    2. Any group or organization which uses a school facility and wishes to attract the public to its meeting/event via advertising, shall on the advertising accurately represent the content/activity of the event. The Board or Superintendent may require an organization to include a disclaimer in its advertising stating that the activity/event is not sponsored by Cambridge-Isanti Schools. 
    3. A certificate of insurance or liability coverage which can be extended by endorsement to provide satisfactory coverage, may be requested from any group using any facility for any event or activity (e.g., tournaments, special events, concerts, athletic instruction). The insurance must provide coverage of at least $1,000,000 per Occurrence for Bodily Injury and Property Damage.  Cambridge-Isanti Schools will be named as an Additional Insured for General Liability, under the certificate of insurance. 
    4. Subject only to the limitations of Minnesota Statutes, the permit holder agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Cambridge-Isanti Schools from and against any and all claims, suits, actions, damages, or causes of action arising out of the negligent acts of the permit holder arising out of or in connection with the provisions of this agreement. Cambridge-Isanti Schools does not waive sovereign immunity except as provided by Minnesota Statutes.


    1. Any changes to a permit must be made at least three (3) days before the first date on the permit. 
    2. Groups who have space rented and do not use the space and do not cancel their permit three (3) business days before the start date, will be charged for the rent costs.
    3. Permits can only be issued to persons 18 years of age or older. The only exception is Student Initiated Activities Class IB.
    4. Groups must:
      1. Confine their activities to the space reserved.  The proposed activity must be appropriate for the space reserved;
      2. Provide appropriate adult supervision at all times.  Children must be supervised at all times;
      3. Must not engage in any activities that are illegal, dangerous, or which materially and substantially interfere with the orderly conduct of educational activities of the school.  Such activities shall be grounds for disciplinary action of individual students or employees of Cambridge-Isanti Schools and grounds for a particular group to be denied access.  Groups should further be advised that all illegal activities will require the intervention of authorities.
      4. Supply any special supervision required, such as police protection and parking supervision.  The determination as to when such supervision is necessary shall be made by Cambridge-Isanti Schools, at its discretion.


    All users must adhere to Cambridge-Isanti Schools policies.  Important policies are:

    1. The use or possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal chemicals, and/or tobacco products is prohibited on Cambridge-Isanti Schools grounds. 
    2. No firearms or weapons are permitted on Cambridge-Isanti Schools property.
    3. Latex balloons are not allowed in any of the Cambridge-Isanti Schools facilities.


    1. Permit change fee:  After two revisions of a permit, a $15 non-refundable fee will be charged for each revision of an existing permit.
    2. No show fee:  Any group that has space rented or reserved, that does not show up for their use and that does not cancel their permit will be charged a $25 fee for each facility, date, or time that is not canceled.  Any permit they have for future use will be canceled and no future permits will be issued until the charge is paid to the Community Education Office.


    1. Facility use and staff charges will be billed after the event. Some exceptions may apply.
    2. Payment can be made by calling the Community Education Office with a Visa, Discover, or Master Card (763) 689-6222, mailing or dropping off a check to the Community Ed Office.
    3. If a group or organization has an unpaid facility use bill, the District reserves the right to deny new requests until the account is paid in full and to revoke any previously issued permits.


    Groups shall pay for staff costs that are incurred as a result of their use.  

    X.    ENERGY

    If a group wants a space that is defined as a “high energy use” space, the cost of the energy will be passed on to the group. 


    1. An authorized building supervisor or custodian must be on duty at all times when the facilities are in use.
    2. All groups using Cambridge-Isanti Schools buildings outside normal operating hours will be charged for the building supervisor and/or custodial costs.  Facility Use staff will determine if a permit request is within normal operating hours.


    School equipment has been purchased primarily to operate the educational programs of Cambridge-Isanti Schools. The renting of equipment will, therefore, be kept to a minimum. All equipment use requests must go through the Community Education Office and be filed seven (7) working days before its intended use. If this timeline is not followed, Cambridge-Isanti Schools does not guarantee availability, may assess an additional fee or may deny the request. Designated personnel will be responsible for the supervision and operation of the requested equipment. Equipment rental will be guided by the following regulations:  

    1. Volleyball nets, softball and baseball bases, and pianos are available for rent with use in our schools.
    2. Consumable equipment will not be made available for use or rent to non- Cambridge-Isanti Schools groups.  This includes footballs and football helmets, pads, baseballs, basketballs, and volleyballs. 
    3. Cambridge-Isanti Schools equipment/property may not be taken off Cambridge-Isanti Schools grounds and must remain in the area of use. 
    4. The renting party is responsible for damage or loss of all equipment rented. 
    5. Building supervisors and custodians cannot provide equipment not listed on permits.


    1. Use of Cambridge-Isanti Schools kitchens requires that a food service staff person be present.  These arrangements will be done through the Food Service Department.
    2. Coffee and refreshments may be served on tiled surfaces only.


    1. Cambridge-Isanti Schools reserves the right to cancel or change any permit should the need arise, without liability.  Cancellation could result if unforeseen circumstances arise or an emergency condition is declared.  
    2. When schools are closed due to inclement weather or other emergencies, all school programs, all Community Education programs, all scheduled evening community use, and all Early Childhood Family programs scheduled during the day, immediately after school, or during the evening are canceled.  Weekend or non-school day activities may be held at the discretion of the Community Education Director in consultation with the Superintendent, Community Education Staff, and District Office Staff. See our Community Education website for changes or cancellation to Community Education Programs, c-ischools.org.


    1. First contact for reservation of the Performing Arts Center must be made by calling the Community Education Office at 763-689-6222, or by stopping by the Community Education Office located at 625B Main Street North, Cambridge, mn 55008.  You may also download the request forms from the Community Education website at www.c-ischools.org.
    2. The Performing Arts Specialist will determine technical staffing needs.

    ●    Baseball, Softball Fields
    ●    Cafeterias
    ●    Classrooms
    ●    Conference Rooms
    ●    CIHS Swimming Pool
    ●    Gymnasiums
    ●    Kitchens (see Food and Beverage)
    ●    Parking Lots
    ●    Richard G. Hardy Performing Arts Center (PAC)

    Source:        Cambridge-Isanti Schools 

    Addendum A:  Rental rates, fees, staffing rates
    Addendum B:  Performing Arts Center

Policy Manual