The Cambridge-Isanti School District believes that it is important to conserve energy and natural resources while practicing sound financial management. The school district places a high priority on public education providing leadership in developing an energy efficient culture.


    It is the policy of the district to involve administration and employees in planning, developing, and implementing energy conservation practices. Energy conservation shall be an integral part of all operations including instruction, food service, athletic events, extracurricular activities, and community use of facilities. The school district’s policy is to assure that all facilities and properties are operated in an energy efficient manner.

    The school district administration and staff will work to develop and maintain practices and habits that reduce energy consumption and utility costs while striving to maintain the quality of the environment in each building.

    The school district administration and staff will develop short and long range strategies in the areas of facility management and curriculum development which support energy awareness and efficiency.

    The school district will track energy use and cost and communicate results on a regular basis to district employees.

    Energy efficiency will be a consideration in the new construction or remodeling of district facilities.

    The school district encourages all employees to incorporate the energy conservation program into their daily operations. By accepting mutual responsibility to operate in an energy efficient way, employees will contribute to developing an energy efficient culture.

    Source: Cambridge-Isanti Schools

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