The purpose of this policy is to ensure a vital volunteer program at Cambridge-Isanti Schools and to clarify the role of volunteers in our school district.

    1. The School Board recognizes and supports the important role that parents, guardians, and community members have in education.
    2. The Board recognizes the importance of adults and parents being involved with the education of our children during the school day and recognizes the many valuable contributions they can make.
    3. The Board recognizes the importance of adult involvement in school and district committees.
    4. The Board endorses a Volunteer Program at Cambridge-Isanti Schools and welcomes and encourages parent and community involvement.
    5. The District will have a systematic process for recruiting volunteers, and for filling requested volunteer needs.
    6. Volunteers will undergo a background check.


    1. The general purpose of school volunteers is to supplement, enrich, and enhance the student’s educational experiences and their curriculum and to strengthen community-school relations.
    2. Volunteers must adhere to all District policies and procedures.
    3. Volunteer involvement is an at-will relationship. The Cambridge-Isanti School District or the volunteer can end the relationship at any time.
    4. Suitable regulations and safeguards will be in place to ensure the safety for both volunteers, staff, and students.
    5. Volunteers may not be used to fill a paid position in the District.
    6. Cambridge-Isanti Schools staff may not volunteer in a role that they normally would be paid for by the District.


    1. The board encourages the enrichment of curriculum and the widening of educational horizons by inviting persons from outside the school with special knowledge, talents or an interesting vocation to address students.
    2. When community resource speakers are scheduled, it will be done in a manner that fits within the curriculum.
    3. A presentation by a community resource speaker must be approved in writing by the building administrator before the presentation occurs.

    Source: Cambridge-Isanti Schools

    Cross Reference: 404P Volunteer Background Check Procedure

    Reviewed: 04-24-03, 12-15-16, 10-14-21

    Approved: 11-18-74, 05-22-03, 01-19-17, 12-16-21


Policy Manual