The Cambridge-Isanti School Board may agree to provide educational experience for private and parochial school students on a shared-time basis when:

    1. Pupils are residents of the district.
    2. A signed request is received from the pupil's parent or guardian.
    3. Space is available in specifically requested classes that are held during regular public school hours.
    4. The student enrolls as a shared-time student and state aids are received as a direct result of the pupil's attendance.

    Transportation to and from shared time classes shall be limited to the regular trips at the beginning and the end of the school day on the transportation schedule of the district, except for students with disabilities. Rules, regulations, and discipline pertaining to the transportation service for regular students shall apply to shared time students.


    Enrollment in class offerings of the school district.

    1. A home-schooled child who is a resident of the school district may enroll in classes in the school district as a shared time pupil on the same basis as other nonpublic school students. The provisions of this policy shall not be determinative of whether the school district allows the enrollment of any pupils on a shared-time basis.
    2. The school district may limit enrollment of shared-time pupils in such classes based on the capacity of a program, class, grade level, or school building. The school board and administration retain sole discretion and control over scheduling of all classes and assignment of shared time pupils to classes.
    3. Shared time students may participate in district extracurricular activities at the discretion of the school board. Students competing in activities governed by the Minnesota State High School League must meet and adhere to eligibility rules and requirements of the League.

    Specific school assignments for shared time students will be determined by the Superintendent of Schools or designee.

    Source: Cambridge-Isanti Schools

    Legal References:

    • Minn. Attorney General's Opinion to Commissioner of Education (Dept. Op. File No. 3727 dated 12-5-44).
    • M.S. 126C.01 and M.S. 126C.19

    Cross References: Policy 611 (Home Schooling)

    Reviewed: 5-23-02, 2-22-18, 6-23-22

    Approved: 12-19-88, 6-20-02, 3-22-18, 7-21-22

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