The student teaching and internship policy is designed to encourage the utilization of student teachers as interns through agreements between accredited teacher education institutions, and the district and/or the building principal. The teacher education institution programs shall be implemented in a manner consistent with the Cambridge-Isanti Schools educational goals.


    1. This policy will provide that an applicant for a student teaching opportunity in the district shall meet all requirements of the cooperating teacher preparation institution for participation in its student teacher program.
    2. The school district reserves the right to deny a student teaching opportunity to an applicant who is not qualified, or for whom there is no student teaching position available, or for whom no supervising teacher is available.
    3. A student teaching opportunity may not be denied for an unconstitutionally, impermissible reason.
    4. During the course of the student teaching experience, a student teacher shall be given as many teaching experiences, observation and participation as possible, including primary responsibility for meaningful classroom instruction.
    5. A student teacher shall not act as a substitute teacher in the district. This provision shall not be construed to preclude a student teacher from performing teaching services alone in a classroom as a part of the student teaching experience so long as the student teacher remains under general supervision as described in section f.
    6. A student teacher shall be under the direction of a fully qualified teacher and principal.
    7. Supervising teachers shall be expected to mentor, orient, direct and assess the student teachers.  The student teacher evaluation shall be submitted to the teacher education institution by the supervising teacher. Availability of the evaluation shall be determined by the teacher education institution.
    8. A student teacher shall obey all school district and administrative policies and directives that include refraining from conduct which could reasonably be expected to substantially and materially disrupt or be deleterious to the education process. A student teacher’s academic freedom shall not be denied or abridged so long as it does not conflict with appropriate supervision directives.
    9. A student teacher may be suspended by the district immediately or after a written warning regarding the student teacher’s deficiency or conduct has been received by the student teacher and a representative of the teacher education institution.
    10. A student teacher shall be deemed an employee of the school district in which he or she is rendering services for purposes of workers compensation, liability insurance and legal counsel.

    Source: Cambridge-Isanti Schools

    Legal Reference: MN Statutes 122A.69; 123B.23, 123B.25

    Reviewed: 2-20-03, 09-21-17, 02-24-22

    Approved: 3-17-03, 10-12-17, 03-24-22

Policy Manual