The Cambridge-Isanti School District #911 recognizes that early entrance to school is an important decision and should be limited to and reflective of the following process:

    1. A. Selection Criteria for Early Entrance into Elementary School
      To be eligible for early entrance to school the student must meet the criteria in the prioritized order listed below.
      1. Birthday is prior to November 1 of the year student seeks early entrance.
      2. Mental age is in the superior range (2 standard deviations) as demonstrated by ability assessments conducted by the school psychologist.
      3. Competency in academic skills is demonstrated by the student on the school readiness assessments which are conducted by school personnel (usually a kindergarten teacher).
      4. A. Demonstrated success in a preschool program validated by a letter of recommendation from pre-school teacher/director
        4B. Social maturity is demonstrated by social maturity assessments conducted by school personnel (usually a kindergarten teacher).
    2. Application Procedure
      1. Secure application form at the elementary school of attendance. Complete and return by May 15.
      2. Interview of parents and child by principal.
      3. Assessments and Observations
        1. Psychological
        2. Social maturity
        3. School readiness
      4. Complete medical check-up at parent's expense. Immunizations must meet State of Minnesota requirements.
      5. Post-assessment interview with parents and school personnel.
        1. The decision for allowing early entrance will be made at a team staffing of school personnel (usually the principal and the kindergarten teacher) and the school psychologist.
        2. If entered early, the child will be placed on a trial basis. The probationary period will consist of the first trimester. An evaluation using the "Early Entrance Probationary Checklist" will be made by the teacher at the end of the first reporting period with the option to withdraw the student from early entrance by the admittance committee.

Policy Manual