It shall be the policy of the School Board to grant leaves of absences addressed in the master agreement with teachers and support staff in accordance with the procedures outlined in the agreement. This policy statement shall address leave requests not covered by the master agreement.


    Leaves of Absence under this policy shall be granted only for good and sufficient reasons and shall be considered for approval based on the standards as set forth in this policy. The following leaves shall be considered.

    Extended Leave of Absence

    Extended Leaves of Absence may be granted at the discretion of the School Board Minnesota Statute 122A.46; 354.094; 354A.091 authorizes school districts to grant extended leaves of absences if certain conditions are met. Applicants for leaves granted under this section must meet the criteria as set forth in the statutes and in this policy.

    Deducted Leave of Absence

    Deducted Leaves of Absence may be granted at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools or designee. Deducted leaves may be granted for short periods of time and shall be for reasons of a non-recurring nature, and only in limited or special circumstances

    Health Leave of Absence – See Family Medical Leave Policy #410

    Leaves of Absence shall be granted on a limited basis after serious study as to the merits of the request and the impact on the school district. Leaves shall not be granted for the purpose of preserving a position. Teachers granted leaves of absence shall notify the school district in writing as to their intentions for the following year by February 1st.

    Source: Cambridge-Isanti Schools

    Legal References:

    • M.S. 125.60; 122A.46; 3454.094; 354A.091
    • M.S.122A.15, Subd. 1; M.S. 123.50, Subd. 5 as amended

    Cross References:

    Reviewed: 07-23-01, 03-24-16, 12-17-20

    Approve: 3-16-81, 08-23-01, 04-21-16, 01-21-21

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