I.    PURPOSE 

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure open and positive communication and relationships between employer and employees.

    Compensation of employees represents the greatest portion of the Cambridge-Isanti School District budget; and the outcome of master agreement negotiations has the greatest single effect on school district expenditures. 

    The Cambridge-Isanti School Board recognizes that employees and the general public have an interest in, and a right to know the decisions of the School Board as guaranteed by the "open meeting law"; 

    Therefore, the Cambridge-Isanti School Board has adopted the following code of ethics: 

    1. To govern the conduct of the negotiations process;
    2. To ensure open, effective communication regarding negotiations with formally organized employee unions; and
    3. To promote the orderly and constructive relationships between the School Board and school district employee. 


    The Cambridge-Isanti School Board and administration: 

    1. Will make every reasonable effort to provide timely, accurate and complete information, unless mutually agreed with the employee group to not provide the information. 
    2. Will provide information through district publications, the news media and other appropriate means.
    3. Will not engage in activities which demean, or inhibit the credibility and integrity of individual members of an employee organization or its representatives.
    4. Will not knowingly misrepresent positions of employee organizations and/or the school district.
    5. Will make every effort to preserve the concept that the governance of public schools shall remain with the public's duly elected representative, i.e., the School Board. 
    6. Will make every reasonable effort to arrive at a settlement which is timely, economically practicable, and which will not compromise the general well-being of the students. 
    7. Will not engage in public or private harassment of individual employees or members of the employee bargaining team. 
    8. Will not circumvent the established negotiation process by negotiating with individual members of the employee unit, members of the general public, or other persons not designated as members of the School Board and/or employee unit bargaining team. 
    9. Will not elicit support of students enrolled in the district's schools, or use student activities as a forum to solicit support of the district's position relating to employee negotiations. 
    10. Will make every reasonable effort to maintain public support by promoting the positive image of employees. 

    Source:    Cambridge-Isanti Schools

    Reviewed:    07-18-02, 05-18-17, 01-20-22

    Approved:    10-20-80, 08-22-02, 06-22-17, 02-24-22

Policy Manual