School Board members will be compensated as follows effective January 1, 2009:

    1. School Board members will receive $250 per month for regular and special School Board meetings and study sessions. The $250 also includes all non-pen and paper meetings that may or may not be Board-related that Board members are asked to represent or attend.  This includes, but is not limited to, any school building Adopt-A-School visits, student and staff recognition/award programs, school open houses, and back-to-school workshops.
    2. Board members will receive $65 for participating in all standing, ad hoc and Representative Committees under four hours, and $130 for committee meetings over four hours. Board members will receive this same compensation for attending any MSBA/NSBA sponsored meetings or other board-related pen and paper meetings.  Board members will receive this same compensation for attending any Board-related educational meetings, seminars, and conventions approved by the Board Chair.
    3. The chair, clerk and treasurer will receive an additional stipend per month as follows:

                            Chair               $100.00
                            Clerk               $  60.00
                            Treasurer        $  60.00

                Responsibilities included with this compensation:

                            *          Review and sign school documents.

                            *          Chair to meet with Superintendent prior to Board meetings to review agenda.

                            *          Clerk to prepare meeting minutes in absence of Board secretary.

                            *          Treasurer to meet with Director of Finance once per month.

    In addition, the following will apply to events requiring travel outside the School District:

    • Mileage will be paid at the current District rate for travel outside of the District only when District transportation is not provided. If a Board member decides to drive his/her own vehicle when District transportation is provided, the Board member will not be reimbursed for mileage.
    • Lodging and other prudent travel related expenses (meals, parking, etc.) will be paid when overnight stays are unavoidable or make economic sense.
    • One travel day will be paid for School Board related activities (i.e., NSBA Convention) requiring significant overnight travel time.

    The following activities are not eligible for reimbursement:

    • Social functions (e.g. School Board seasonal parties, retirement parties).
    • School activities/meetings where the School Board has not been officially invited or requested to attend.
    • Informal meetings with school personnel.
    • Phone calls related to School Board activities.


    Source: Cambridge-Isanti Schools

    Reviewed: 12-20-01, 4-20-06, 1-17-07, 11-20-08, 2-18-10, 09-18-14, 11-20-14, 01-06-16, 01-05-17, 01-03-18, 01-08-19, 3-21-19, 01-07-20, 01-04-21, 01-03-22

    Approved: 2-19-87, 2-21-91, 1-4-01, 1-24-02, 5-18-06, 2-22-07, 12-18-08, 3-18-10, 12-18-14, 01-06-16, 01-05-17, 01-03-18, 01-08-19, 3-21-19, 01-07-20, 01-04-21, 01-03-22

Policy Manual