The purpose of this policy is to establish a clear statement of the purpose for which the school district exists.


    The school board believes that a mission statement should be adopted. The mission statement should be based on the beliefs and values of the community, should direct any change effort and should be the basis on which decisions are made. The school board, on behalf of and with extensive participation by the community, should develop a consensus among its members regarding the nature of the enterprise the school board governs, the purposes it serves, the constituencies it should consider, including student representation, and the results it intends to produce.


    The mission of Cambridge-Isanti Schools, as the leader in innovation education; offering unlimited options and opportunities, is to develop well-rounded individuals who excel in leadership, achieve at the highest levels, and are responsible citizens through highly effective staff addressing the unique needs of each individual in partnership with parents, students and a unified community.


    1. Every person needs to feel valued, safe and respected in order to maximize their potential.
    2. Strong individuals and communities depend on giving to, caring for, and serving each other.
    3. Every person has a purpose beyond themselves.
    4. Communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity are necessary to thrive in a changing world.
    5. Honesty and integrity are essential to all positive relationships.
    6. Every person has a responsibility to live to their own expectations.
    7. Every person learns uniquely.
    8. Success can come from the ability to learn from and work through adversity.
    9. Learning occurs best when social, physical and emotional needs are met.
    10. Every person has value with skills and talents that make them unique.
    11. Every person is responsible for their own choices.
    12. Education provides the greatest access to opportunities.
    13. As technology use increases there is continued value in the skills and benefits of face-to-face communication.
    14. Involvement in meaningful activities enriches your life.


    The school board will review the school district’s mission every two years, especially when members of the board change. The school board will conduct a comprehensive review of the mission, including the beliefs and values of the community, every five to seven years.

    Source: Cambridge-Isanti Schools

    Legal References:

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    Reviewed: 11-15-01, 02-24-05, 05-22-08, 04-23-15, 03-25-21

    Approved: 02-18-82, 03-20-01, 12-20-01, 03-17-05, 05-22-08, 05-21-15, 04-22-21

Policy Manual