What are Learning Models?

    • Face-to-face instruction following the approved school calendar.
    • Physical distancing will take place as much as feasible.
    • Health and safety procedures and expectations will be implemented as part of the Bluejacket Way.
    • Daily schedules may be modified as necessary to support physical distancing during transitions and lunch.
    • Routines and procedures will be put into place to ease the transition to hybrid or distance learning if required.
    • Grade-spans will implement consistent formats and expectations across all learning models (ex. Seesaw, Google Classroom, Schoology).

    • Students will attend in-person school 2 days a week and participate in distance learning 3 days a week.
    • Schools must limit the overall number of people in school facilities and on transportation vehicles to 50% maximum occupancy.
    • This scenario may be implemented if COVID-19 metrics worsen at the local, regional, or statewide level, or within a school if a cluster of cases occurs within a classroom or the school.
    • Physical distancing with at least 6 feet between people must occur at all times.

    • Students continue learning at home and have daily interaction with their teacher(s).
    • Increased direct instruction while maintaining flexibility for families.
    • Opportunities for peer-interaction and a focus on social-emotional needs.
    • Staff will provide more differentiated instruction.
    • Students will access all digital learning materials through the Student/Staff Portal Clever (the district's learning portal).
    • Log-in from the District website using the Student/Staff Portal icon from any page.
    • All families will receive a Chromebook.

Distance Learning Resources

  • Grades K - 5

Grades K-5 Learning Bundles

  • Learning Bundle Delivery/Pickup Information

  • Grades K-2 SEESAW Information

  • November 30 - December 4

  • November 16-20 & 23-25

  • November 9-13 (No SFAS)

  • November 2-6 (No SFAS)

  • October 26-30

  • October 12-14 & 19-23

  • Grades 6 - 12

Grades 6-12 Classroom Login

  • Grades 6-8
    Coursework to be completed in Google Classroom
    Google Classroom
    Grades 9-12
    Coursework to be completed in Schoology

Hybrid Model Schedules

  • Follow this schedule if your school is in the Hybrid Learning Model
    Monday - Thursday:  Days alternate between In-School and Distance Learning
    Friday:  All students are in the Distance Learning Model
    Please note that these schedules do not mean schools will remain in hybrid for the entire trimester.

    Trimester 1 Hybrid Schedule Trimester 2 Hybrid Schedule
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