• Department of Teaching & Learning

Professional Development

  • In order to help our students achieve success, we value professional development for our staff.  Professional development provides opportunities for staff members to demonstrate a growth mindset, and learn more about effective instructional strategies, technology integration, and curriculum design.

    Professional development generally refers to ongoing learning opportunities available to teachers and other education personnel through their schools and districts. Effective professional development is often seen as vital to school success and teacher satisfaction, but it has also been criticized for its cost, often vaguely determined goals, and for the lack of data on resulting teacher and school improvement that characterizes many efforts.

    During in-service days, teachers are provided with many different opportunities for growth. The C-I School District has chosen the following professional learning themes for the  2022-2025 cycle:

    Learning for Every Student, Every Day

    • MTSS

      • Framework and Structure 

      • Interventions

      • Data 

      • Assessment

    • World’s Best Workforce (WBWF)

    • Curriculum Continuous Improvement

    • Marzano Instructional Framework


    Social Emotional Learning/Mental Health

    • Safe, Healthy, and Supportive Schools

    • Trauma-Informed Education

    • SEL Curriculum 


    Bluejacket Culture and Climate

    • PBIS

    • Bluejacket Way 


    Effective Teams and Partnerships 

    • Renewed attention to PLCs and collaboration

    • Partnerships with Students, Families & Community

    • Customer Service


    Systems and Technical Training

    • Onboarding 

    • Google Suite for Education

    • LMS (Seesaw, Google Classroom, Schoology)

    • Skyward

    • Online Learning Technology

    Teachers of C-I Schools can obtain re-licensure clock hours by completing self-paced courses in the C-I Schools Schoology LMS.  For further directions, please visit the C-I Schools PD Resources page under "Instructional Resources".