Health Services

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Reminder: Please make sure your student's health, family and emergency contact information are updated online using Skyward Family Access.  Click on the Family Access tab on the top of this page.

The school health services is designed to facilitate care to all students; to protect and promote the students optimal health, and to eliminate or minimize the health barriers to enhance learning.

The school nurse acts as a liaison between parents, educational, and medical personnel. The nurses maintain health records, generate nursing care plans, and participate in collaborating with teachers in regards to students where there are health related issues.

If at any time during the school year changes occur in your child's health status, please notify the school nurse.  She can interpret these changes for school personnel and can recommend and help implement any modifications in the school program necessary to meet the needs of your child.

The nurses are available by phone and for conferences by appointment, to address any questions and/or concerns regarding the well-being of your child.  Please feel free to contact the nurse at your son's or daughter's school.  



At each school the Licensed School Nurses (LSN/RN), assisted by Health Administrative Assistants (HAA), provide the following services to support Cambridge-Isanti students:

  • Assess individual student health and developmental status
  • Promote and maintain the health and well-being of all students
  • Develop health plans for students with health conditions
  • Coordinate prevention and control of communicable disease
  • Develop a system of first aid and emergency cares
  • Participate in health education
  • Recommend new and updated health policies
  • Authorization for Medication Form
Licensed School Nurse Health Administrative Assistant

Roles and Responsibilities

Provides nursing treatments-
Medication delegation, administration & supervision
Assess health status and plans for students
Provides health education
Provides health consultation to students and staff
Provides referrals to community resources
Provides first aid to students and staff
CPR certified
Administers medication (under the direction of the LSN/RN)
Assists with screenings
Processes immunization records
Maintains Health Records


Contact Your School's Nurse

Name Building Email Phone
Heidi Holmberg CPS 763-691-6505
Lisa Bingham IPS 763-691-8704
Kim Hodson CIS 763-691-6637
Amanda Mackey IIS 763-552-8809
Tiffany Grubb CMS 763-552-6313
Melanie Winger IMS/MNC 763-691-8604
Hope Tanko CIHS/RSAS 763-689-6041