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Buildings & Grounds

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Buildings and Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds Department is responsible for the management of the facilities and grounds of Cambridge-Isanti Schools.  The management areas that are impacted include Crisis Management, Short Term Management, and Long-Term Management. The mission of Cambridge-Isanti School's Building and Grounds Department is to provide students, staff, and community members with quality facilities that function smoothly and are clean, attractive, pleasant, welcoming, and safe.

Long-Term Facilities Maintenance Summer Projects

Our school district will be taking on a few major long-term maintenance projects, replacing the boilers and HVAC systems, modernizing building automation systems, repairing a roof, and fixing the exterior of two schools. The projects have two goals:

  1. Critical Infrastructure: Replacing original heating and ventilation systems at the end of their life
  2. Strategic Instructure & Energy Savings: Decreasing utility costs and consumption across the district

Long-Term Facilities Maintenance Funding

Improving energy efficiency will mean lower utility bills, and that means more funds directed to classroom learning in the future. Please note the following funding sources:

  • We are using capital funds that, by law, can only be used on capital projects (i.e. to maintain our facilities). We are also fortunate that some federal pandemic funding can be used to pay for indoor air quality and ventilation projects this year. 
  • The bidding process is complete, and all bids came in under budget.
  • No referendum funding is going to this project. The referendum was specifically approved for hiring/retaining high-quality staff and enhancing career-technical education and college readiness.
  • The district will be purchasing the HVAC equipment direct from the manufacturer instead of through the contractor; this saves thousands in sales tax and resale mark-up. Our operations staff has taken on the additional procurement responsibility to complete the project as cost-effectively as we can.
  • These projects are being completed within existing funding mechanisms and do not require a referendum.

Chris Wilmot

Buildings and Grounds Director

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