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Drivers Education

Welcome to the Cambridge-Isanti Community Education Drivers Education program!

Enrolling in Drivers Education is a big milestone for both parents and prospective drivers. It is another step towards independence and a huge responsibility for our teens. Our instructors are licensed teachers, all of whom have taught in C-I Schools for a decade or more. 

On the first day of the Drivers Education classroom instruction, our instructors provide critical information on how students can obtain a learner's permit and what steps must be completed inside and outside of the classroom. Please find critical information you will need in order to support your student in this accomplishment in the linked document below. If you have any questions, please contact the program coordinator at

Complete guide with steps to becoming a Licensed Driver can be found HERE.

Important Notes:

  • Registration for classroom instruction is the only requirement to begin class. If you register for classroom and behind the wheel at the same time, you will receive a discount. Registration can be done online or in person at the Education Services Center. 
  • Students must complete all 30 hours of classroom instruction prior to taking the permit test.
  • An instruction permit is required before any driving can take place. State law requires students under the age of 18 to be signed up and paid for behind the wheel instruction before they can take their permit test. Applying for an instruction permit must be done at the Isanti County Government Center. Appointments are required. Visit to schedule an appointment.
  • Prior to 18 years old, all students must also complete 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction in addition to their guardian-supervised hours prior to receiving their white card.  

Drivers Education