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Career & Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offer a dynamic fusion of academic and vocational knowledge, empowering students for college and future careers by imparting practical skills and technological competence.

  • We use a curriculum that matches what you need to learn and connects all the important stuff.
  • We work closely with others to give you lots of opportunities and support.
  • Our courses are organized to help you build your skills, and you'll earn credentials to show what you've achieved.
  • Learning here is hands-on and helps you get ready for a real job.
  • We have special places and tools just for your chosen career.
  • You'll get to work in real job settings to learn and practice.
  • We use data to make our programs better and to speak up for you.
  • We help you become a leader and succeed in your goals.
  • Everyone is welcome here, and we make sure you have what you need to succeed.
  • We focus on what you want to learn and help you learn it your way.
  • Our teachers are experts, and they keep learning to stay the best.

Katie Soler

Career, College, & Assessment Coordinator
Cambridge-Isanti High School

Program Spotlights

Mahala Gillespie

Mahala Gillespie is a CTE Spotlight Student of the month.

Mahala is following the health careers pathway as she finishes her senior year at CIHS. In addition to taking the health careers class, she works as a resident assistant at GracePointe Crossing. She has a passion for helping others and loves her job at GracePointe. Looking to the future, Mahala is planning a career in the health field (maybe as a nurse anesthetist) while also joining the National Guard. She hopes to use her career to make a difference in people's lives, creating positive change in the world.

Health Careers Program

The Health Careers Program is our newest CTE program. Bailey Weibel, health careers instructor, teaches both: Health Careers and Medical Terminology.

  • Medical Terminology: Students earn college credits after successfully completing this CIHS course. Medical terminology is foundational to every healthcare field.
  • Health Careers: Students explore a variety of health careers and practice hands-on medical skills. The strength of this course is learning from and working with health services professionals from our community. Guest speakers include speech pathologists, certified ophthalmic assistants, nurse anesthetists, school counselors, radiology specialist, pharmacy technicians, orthopedic specialists, physician assistants, infusion specialists, and occupational therapists.

CTE Credit Program

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities work collaboratively with area high schools to offer students an opportunity to explore careers, earn college credit, and complete a career and technical program before graduating from high school.

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K12 Navigator

A free tool to connect educators and businesses for high school student career exploration.

Students can use the K12 Navigator to help find businesses that are willing to offer engaging career exploration experiences.

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CIHS Career Pathways

Whether you're still exploring your future or have a clear career goal in mind, CIHS will help you navigate to success. Explore how our career pathways can help you reach your goal.

Prepare for high-skill, high-wage, high-demand jobs.

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