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Full STEAM Ahead!

Full STEAM Ahead!

The flip of the calendar to 2022 is an exciting time in our schools. We’re kicking off Kindergarten enrollment and building excitement for learning—welcome Bluejacket Class of 2035!

For parents and grandparents with first-time kindergarteners who will turn five before September, it is understandable that some are anxious. Yet rest assured, many current Bluejacket siblings can’t wait to jump on the bus with the big kids. Whether you are excited or anxious, you are not alone. Our Primary School principals, staff, and teachers are here for you, and they can’t wait to meet you.

Cambridge-Isanti Schools has four different Kindergarten options to meet the needs and interests of families: Cambridge Primary School, Isanti Primary School, Cambridge-Isanti STEAM School and C-I Schools Online. Each of these schools has highly-qualified and caring kindergarten teachers offering exceptional programming for our young learners.

Cambridge Primary and Isanti Primary (K-3)

Families may register at either of our primary schools, serving children in grades K-3; enrollment is based on the child’s home address. For example, those who live within the Cambridge borders attend Cambridge Primary. Likewise, those who live within the Isanti borders attend Isanti Primary School.

Our well-rounded elementary curriculum provides hands-on experiences in small and large group instructional settings, specifically designed to nurture social, emotional development and early learning skills. Our kindergarten teachers have a genuine love for children and kindergarten. They inspire children to wonder, discover, create and excel. Kindergarten is all about igniting a love of learning that burns brightly for students throughout their lives.

Cambridge-Isanti STEAM School (K-5)

Families interested in more of a project-based, science, technology, engineering, arts and math focus may wish to enroll in Cambridge-Isanti STEAM School. This specialty option grew from reimagining our former year-round program (School For All Seasons). The K-5 school will incorporate problem-solving across all curricular areas and provides a strong sense of community, curiosity, and collaboration.

Beginning next fall, the K-5 Cambridge-Isanti STEAM School will be co-located within Isanti Intermediate School. Busing is provided for students who live anywhere within the Cambridge-Isanti Schools boundaries.

Cambridge-Isanti Schools Online (K-12)

For families eager to keep their children at home for at least another year (or more), Cambridge-Isanti Schools Online is among a few fully accredited and approved K-12 online schools in Minnesota, accepting enrollment from anywhere in the state. A leader in innovative online education, our online program has highly qualified Cambridge-Isanti teachers who are deeply invested in our community. They genuinely care about the well-being and success of ALL of our students.

New to the Community

If you are new to our community or ready to make a transition to becoming a Bluejacket, now is the time to enroll for next fall. Our community has seen significant growth, and early enrollment is key for our teacher recruitment and hiring. Please contact our enrollment office at 63-689-6212 to join our mailing list or get started. We are eager to welcome you to our Bluejacket family.

We are already recruiting some of the top new teachers from Minnesota colleges and universities. November’s referendum success signals to candidates that our communities value education. That means stable employment and a highly desirable work environment. Your support allows us to recruit and retain high-quality teachers and staff. Thank you!

Registration for Cambridge-Isanti High School

Our high school students will begin registering for fall courses in about a month. In addition, we often welcome new students transferring from K-8 private or charter schools as well as new open-enrolled students. To ensure your child has access to electives of interest and to help us plan for staffing, we invite you to register NOW for next year.

If you’d like to tour the school or meet with a counselor, please contact the high school office to schedule an appointment. We look forward to making your transition into high school a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Opportunities for Adults Too

Whether you want to sign-up for a class in retirement planning, computers, painting, exercise or a whole lot more, Cambridge-Isanti Community Education provides life-long learning opportunities for all ages. It’s an opportunity to get out of the house, meet new people, volunteer in our schools, and enjoy the unique sense of community that is Cambridge-Isanti. There is a complete list of opportunities online at

Time for a Career Switch?

The pandemic has caused so many people to rethink their careers. So, if you’re longing for a career where you can make a positive difference in the lives of children and where you feel valued as a member of a supportive learning community, check out the jobs and career opportunities on our website. We have plenty of positions available and invite you to apply.

It’s a Great Day to Be A Bluejacket!

This month our School Board will receive our Annual Financial Audit. It will show our district is financially stable, fiscally conservative, and well-supported by our community. Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, we have kept our children safely in school, in-person, growing and learning. We are focused on meeting the needs of every student every day.

Cambridge-Isanti continues to be an outstanding community for families to raise their children. Thank you for your continued support and involvement on behalf of our students and staff. That’s the Bluejacket Way!

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