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Educate. Empower. Inspire. Every Student, Every Day.

Our students had a great first week of school! I can’t tell you how energizing it is to have children back in school this fall. They bring such wonder, optimism and enthusiasm! 

We also welcomed 85 new teachers — thanks to voter support of our 2021 referendum. We have lowered class sizes, invested in our staff, and protected our career and technical education programs. We are pleased to report 100% of the additional funds are being used as promised.

As we embark on a new year, we are also excited to share our school district’s new Strategic Plan. This summer, 40 community members, parents, staff and students came together to dream, discuss, draft, and design a Strategic Plan for our future. Participants represented a cross-section of our community — businesses, the medical center, service agencies, the county, our cities and townships, etc. 

Over six weeks, we discussed our mission, common beliefs, strategic priorities and measurable goals and objectives. We are proposing an update to our mission — simplifying it to ensure it is focused and memorable. 

The mission of Cambridge-Isanti Schools, in partnership with our community, is to educate, empower and inspire every student, every day to achieve their full potential.

Partnership is an important thread throughout our Strategic Plan. Schools can’t do the important work alone. We are eager to partner with families and our community to educate and inspire future generations of Bluejacket students and graduates.

The Strategic Planning Task Force also identified 15 common belief statements — values we hold as a community. Space doesn't allow for me to list them all here, but you can review our plan on our website at

So what are our focused priorities and goals for the coming years? The team established four measurable objectives.

  • All young children and their families will have access to opportunities for early learning and school readiness. 

  • All students report a feeling of belonging within the school community.

  • All students demonstrate annual growth toward goals.

  • All students will graduate with a plan for their future.

To accomplish the objectives, there are four strategic priorities, and we are inviting community members with expertise in any of the four areas to join a team to develop specific plans to move our district forward.

  1. We will ensure student academic growth and success.

  2. We will build and foster positive personal relationships with families and the community.

  3. We will partner with families and our community to improve the mental health and resilience of all students and staff.

  4. We will broaden community partnerships to maximize resources, support the growth of the school district, and provide opportunities for students. 

Our 2025 Strategic Plan is currently in DRAFT form, and we welcome community feedback and involvement. Please visit our website, review our plan and share your thoughts.

Our community owns our schools, and it is our collective responsibility to plan for the future. Our schools open their doors to the future of our community every day, as our children enter with all of their unique gifts, talents, interests, challenges and ambitions. 

The future of every community is its children. And because of our children, we know our community has a vibrant and exciting future ahead. It’s a great day to be a Bluejacket!

Please use this link to provide feedback on our DRAFT Strategic Plan:

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