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Celebrating Our Public Schools

February is a busy month in our schools! It’s I Love to Read Month, Career Technical Education Month, Black History Month and Minnesota School Board Appreciation Month. Plus, we’ve just opened our Preschool Registration for next fall. At the end of this month, we invite families of 8th-grade students to Cambridge-Isanti High School to explore all the opportunities for their future goals. This month is all about celebrating our children, their growth, and the community leaders and partnerships that ensure a high-quality education for every student, every day.  

From our youngest learners in early childhood family education to our oldest residents who keep their minds and bodies active in our Community Education programs, our community comes together in the gyms, classrooms and auditoriums within our Cambridge-Isanti Schools. In many ways, our schools are community gathering spaces, and we appreciate our partnerships. From family reading nights to guest readers for I Love To Read Month, it takes a partnership to demonstrate to our children that reading will unlock a lifetime of imagination and possibilities to learn—wherever your interests lie. 

We have often said that strong public schools are built on four foundational pillars: students, families, staff and community. Each is a corner of the frame that supports and protects our children's dreams, aspirations, and futures. First is our students, who bring with them an inherent interest in learning and exploring. Their curiosity and eagerness to understand their world fuels our collective purpose.

The second pillar is high-quality educators who believe in the collective futures of children and dedicate themselves to awakening the possibilities within each student. Every employee in our schools is an educator, and we look for opportunities to unleash the potential within each child, fostering it with dedication, passion, and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of learning.

Our third pillar is that families have high expectations for learning and are a child’s first teachers. Their commitment to working in partnership without school staff, sharing their hopes and dreams for their child, and advocating for new opportunities for children keeps us focused on the future. Their support and active engagement in our schools are vital to student success and, by extension, our community's prosperity.

Lastly, the unwavering support of our community, which understands the intrinsic value of education, encircles our schools - and we are so grateful. With encouragement, resources, and a collective vision for the future, we are also ensuring the success of our vital community. We have often said Cambridge-Isanti is a special place to raise a family. We are a community that cares for its children and supports young families. 

At the heart of our community is our elected school board, embodying our community's spirit and values. These dedicated individuals not only provide oversight but also vision and hope. They champion our Bluejacket values of respect, responsibility, honesty, compassion, and self-discipline. Their leadership ensures our schools remain focused on learning and growth while engaging our community as partners and ensuring financial responsibility.

In Cambridge-Isanti Schools, our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire every student every day. We recognize that the future of our community is being developed in the classrooms and hallways of our schools right now. Our commitment is unwavering because we know that developing our young talent is the most significant investment we can make for our future. In our schools, we nurture potential, discover the strengths and gifts in every student, and inspire goals for the unique contributions of our future citizens.

At the end of this month, communities around the country will be celebrating Public Schools Week from February 26 to March 1, 2024. This week is dedicated to honoring the role of public education as the heart of our community. It's a testament to our collective promise to ensure every child receives a quality education, regardless of their circumstances.

To families yet to discover the dedication, warmth, and excellence our local schools offer, we extend an invitation to visit us during Public Schools Week. Experience firsthand the nurturing environments where your children can learn and thrive. 

We also invite all families of current 8th-grade students to Cambridge-Isanti High School on the evening of February 29, 2024. Our 8th Grade Registration Night offers a chance to meet our passionate educators, explore courses and career pathways, and embark on planning for an exciting and fulfilling upcoming year. Learn how our high school is redefining “ready,” by working with every student to have a plan for their future — with credits, character and credentials for a future career.

Our public schools are more than educational buildings; they are schools of choice where every student is afforded the opportunity to excel. They are places where dreams are supported, potential is realized, and futures are created. 

This month, join us in celebrating the cornerstone of our community—our public schools. Working in partnership with our community, we will continue the legacy and tradition of our community's strength, values, and vision through the next generation of learners, leaders, and innovators. GO BIG BLUE!

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