Annual Report

  • For each school year, the school board must publish a report in the local newspaper, by mail or by electronic means on the district/charter website.

    School boards are to hold an annual public meeting to communicate plans for the upcoming school year based on a review of goals, outcomes and strategies from the previous year. Stakeholders should be meaningfully involved, and this meeting is to occur separately from a regularly scheduled school board meeting. The intent is to have a separate meeting just for this reason.

    The district advisory committee must reflect the diversity of the district and its school sites.  It must include teachers, parents, support staff, students, and other community residents. Parents and other community residents are to comprise at least two-thirds of advisory committee members, when possible. The district advisory committee makes recommendations to the school board.

    Each district must develop a plan that addresses the following five goals:

    1. All children are ready to start kindergarten.
    2. All third-graders can read at grade level.
    3. All achievement gaps between students are closed.
    4. All students are ready for career and/or postsecondary education.
    5. All students graduate from high school.

    SMART goals towards achieving the five areas need to be:  specific and strategic, measurable, attainable (yet rigorous), results-based and time-based. Goals should be linked to needs and written in SMART-goal format. Results should tie directly back to the established goal so it is clear whether the goal was met. Districts may choose to use the data profiles provided by MDE in reporting goals and results or other locally-determined measures.