This summer, 40 parents, staff and students came together to dream, discuss, draft and design a strategic plan for our future. Our Community Task Force for Strategic Planning represented a cross-section of our community — businesses, the medical center, service agencies, the county, our schools, our cities and townships. Over six weeks, we discussed our mission, common beliefs, strategic priorities and measurable goals and objectives. We weighed competing priorities and needs among our students, families and community. In the end, the Task Force reached full agreement on our mission, beliefs, objectives, parameters and strategic priorities. The next phase in the process is to solicit community feedback and to develop specific action plans to make our strategic priorities come to life.

    The plan is currently in DRAFT form and available for public comment. We welcome community feedback and involvement.
    We are incredibly grateful for the time and talents shared to move our district and our community forward


    Our common mission gives purpose to our work — for every employee and volunteer in the district.

    The mission of Cambridge-Isanti Schools, in partnership with our community,
    EVERY STUDENT, EVERY DAY to achieve their full potential.


    Focused on our learners, four measurable objectives will help us to monitor our progress toward achieving our mission.

    All young children and their families will have access to opportunities for early learning and school readiness. 

    All students report a feeling of belonging within the school community.

    All students demonstrate annual growth toward goals.

    All students will graduate with a plan for their future.


    Commitments we are making to ensure our district is well-positioned to achieve our mission.

    We will be fiscally responsible and transparent.

    We will update our plan annually and responsibly plan for the future.

    We will continually work to earn and maintain broad-based community support.

    We will exemplify the Bluejacket character traits: Honesty, respect, responsibility, self-discipline and compassion.


    Our community task force for strategic planning agreed on four strategies for the next three years.

    1. We will ensure student academic growth and success.
    2. We will build and foster positive personal relationships with families and the community.
    3. We will partner with families and our community to improve the mental health and resilience of all students and staff.
    4. We will broaden community partnerships to maximize resources, support the growth of the school district, and provide opportunities for students. 

    If you have expertise and interest in one of these four priority areas, we invite you to get involved in developing more detailed action plans for one of these strategies. Please use this form to indicate your interest or email dist-communications@c-ischools.org Strategy teams will be working to develop plans in October and November.


  • Our community task force for strategic planning grounded its work in 14 shared beliefs about our humanity and our community. Please let us know if you believe these statements represent beliefs of our community. Our common beliefs provide the foundation for our mission and objectives.



    • Every person deserves to be valued, feel safe, cared for, and supported with compassion and respect.

    • Every individual has skills and talents that make them uniquely equipped to contribute as a responsible citizen. 

    • Every person is responsible for their own choices.

    • Education provides the greatest access to opportunities.

    • Engagement in lifelong learning begins at birth.

    • Communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and adaptability are necessary to thrive in a changing world.

    • Honesty and integrity are essential to all positive relationships.

    • Success can come from working through adversity.

    • Learning occurs best when social, emotional, physical and mental health needs are met.

    • Collaboration with families and/or caregivers is crucial to a learner’s development.

    • Involvement in meaningful activities enriches life.

    • Strong communities and schools support each other. 

  • Respect  Responsibility  Honesty • 
    Self-Discipline • Compassion