• It's time to protect what it means to be a Bluejacket. Our students. Our values, Our traditions. Our communities. Our schools

  • On November 2, 2021 Cambridge-Isanti voters approved two operating referendum questions for additional school funding with 63% support on Q1 and 62% support on Q2. 

    This vote of confidence will help our schools ...

    • Support student learning
    • Hire and retain high quality teachers
    • Reduce class sizes
    • Enhance vocational-technical career classes
    • Increase student opportunities to earn college credits

    Please help us thank all the people who gave countless hours to the Citizens Task Force and all the volunteers who helped us spread the word. Our community came out with strength to support our students and our schools. Strong schools have strong community backing.


    Download the Referendum Results

    This website will remain available for public access to explain how the new funding can be used.

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  • Why is a Referendum Needed?

    After cutting $8.5 million in the last three years, the district remains in the bottom 7% in the state in per student spending and funding – LAST in the Mississippi 8 Conference in spending. The district has cut 100 teachers and staff over the last three years. We need stable funding to educate our students and protect the values of Cambridge-Isanti Schools — now more than ever. Learn more about our need.

  • We need stable funding to educate our students and protect the values of Cambridge-Isanti Schools — now more than ever. Learn more about our need.

    It's time!

    To start restoring teacher and staff positions that have been cut.
    To provide our students with smaller class sizes where relationships and learning thrive.
    Invest in vocational technical education and college-credit opportunities, so that EVERY Bluejacket graduates career or college ready.

    Let's work together for our students, our community, our values and our schools.

    Two Questions, One Ballot

    Question 1

    Approve new funding to support student learning, hire and retain teachers and reduce class sizes. Asking for an investment of $8 per month or $95 per year on a $200,000 home.

    Question 2

    (Question 2 can only pass if Question 1 passes)

    Support vocational technical education and college and career readiness. Asking property owners for $4 per month or $50 per year on a $200,000 home.

    To keep the tax impact low, the district will refinance existing debt to lower payments.
    Because of the restructuring, agricultural land will have a slight tax DECREASE if the referendum is approved by voters.