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Welcome to Bluejacket Connections, the first podcast for Cambridge-Isanti Schools!  The purpose of this podcast is:

To provide Cambridge-Isanti Schools’ staff with district updates, to celebrate good news, and to feature educational insights.

Join us and enjoy the Bluejacket Connections podcast!

The podcast is broken into three segments: 

  • Bluejacket Update: News, Happenings & Announcements
  • Main Content
  • Final Thoughts & Comments

 I do hope you enjoy the podcast!




Dr. Ray Queener

Superintendent of Cambridge-Isanti Schools

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Applying the Bluejacket Way and Chase Mielke's "Thriving Mindsets" in Episode 4
Superintendent of Cambridge-Isanti Schools. Dr. Ray Queener, shares a Bluejacket update on the first days of the 2016-17 school year with a focus on his school visits. He discusses the district's creed, "The Bluejacket Way" and makes connections to Chase Mielke's "Thriving Mindsets."
  • You will see and get what you are looking for. @ChaseMielke
  • Your mind attracts like thoughts. @ChaseMielke
  • We all remember the games of playing hide and seek from when we were young and the point of the game is to try to find what you are looking for. I wanted to make sure I was very intentional and looking for positivity. When I toured the schools and departments the first days of school, I kept that in the forefront of my mind. @Queener1
  • I bet if I am looking for positivity, and engagement and success, I’m going to find it. @Queener1
  • I think Chase is right. Seek and you will find. I think the world needs to do more of this; I know I do. And I bet all of you do as well. @Queener1 @ChaseMielke
  • Sure we have our challenges and we have to work to make them better. But let’s not only focus on those, look for the good, it’s there. And for Cambridge-Isanti Schools is part of living The Bluejacket Way. @Queener1
  • We have an amazing school system, a great, supportive community, wonderful students and a lot to be thankful for. @Queener1
  • Listen to Dr. Queener on the Pete and Steve Podcast @petestevepods