Student Transportation

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Riverside Academy Secondary understands that transportation can be challenging for students. The following information will explain the options available for our students. 

  • Bus Transportation: Students living in the resident district of Cambridge-Isanti Schools can use school transportation. All Cambridge-Isanti Transportation policies apply to all students riding any and all buses to Riverside Academy programs. Cambridge students transfer to bus #58 at Cambridge Middle School - Isanti students transfer to bus #32 at Isanti Intermediate School.

  • FREE Parking: Students are able to park a vehicle FREE in the Educational Center parking lot with the "Student Automobile Information" completed during registration in our program. Please contact our office if incomplete.

    Students can lose this FREE parking privilege with inappropriate driving or actions on school property. 

  • Public Transit: Students are able to access public transit in their area. Family/student is responsible for all payments and communication with the public transit company. Homepage links are available.