Independent Study Program Model

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General Information

The Independent Study method requires student direct-instructional class time (attendance) and outside academic work completed (homework) to earn the required credit(s). A state requirement for direct-instructional time is 1 hour for every 4 hours of quality, standards-based, independent study homework completed. Homework completed and turned in may not be counted if there is insufficient direct-instructional time. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for Independent Study work. 

Academic Requirements

Students not attending scheduled classes may be dropped from enrollment. Students will not be permitted to receive independent study (homework) unless they have attended class. There is no excused absence in the independent study model. If needed, please contact our office to drop enrollment. Student(s) will not be penalized in our program for dropping enrollment in the independent study model. 

Credits will be accumulated in .33, .66 or 1 trimester credit portions. Twenty-three hours of quality completed work = .33 trimester credit or required hours set by resident high school. Total hours less then 23 may not be transferred between sessions/trimesters. Minnesota standard-based curriculum is used with student learning goals, targets and assessments required to earn credit(s).

Grading Scale used by Riverside Academy Secondary Programs

Criteria Utilized
= 90 - 100%
Pass at High Standard Credit Awarded
= 80 - 89%
Pass at Standard Credit Awarded
= 70 - 79%
Pass at Acceptable Standard Credit Awarded
= 69% or Below
Credit In Progress, Student can repeat course 
  Not Passing
 Until a passing grade is attained