October 09
Cambridge Intermediate School

Grade 5 to Cedar Creek

CIS 5th  graders and staff traveled to Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve on September 28 and 29.  The goal of the trip was to reinforce prior learning, gain new skills and participate in activities all revolving around state science standards in the area of life science. Teachers have been working with students on learning the inter-dependency among living systems.  Students were allowed to use a hands-on approach to assist them in learning that natural systems have many components that work together to provide for a healthy living system.  At the conclusion of the unit, students will need to be able to describe a natural system currently in Minnesota, such as a prairie or wetland. They will also need to be able share their knowledge of the link between living and nonliving elements.
Students were highly-engaged during their day long field trip. With the assistance of the Cedar Creek staff and CIS teachers, students had the opportunity to participate in three different experiences:
-insect diversity/create a bug
-Fish Lake Nature Trail Investigation/Biodiversity
-Cedar Bog Lake Hike
Students used their scientific processing skills to help make predictions, record data and draw conclusions from what they had experienced. Once they return to the classroom, students will continue to use the experience of their trip to move their learning forward.
If you know a student who attends CIS and is a 5th grader, ask them about their field trip to Cedar Creek. We are very fortunate to have this fantastic resource so close to our school.