September 29
Riverside Academy

College and Career Preparation at RA!

Riverside Academy Secondary has started the year with a total of 77 students enrolled. Our staff is eager to support students individually as they establish their school and “next step” goals with an advisor. During the classroom of advisory, all students will be exploring in the curriculum, “Ramp-Up to Readiness.” The curriculum is research-based believing that all students need to be prepared for post-secondary training. At Riverside, when we say preparation for college, that includes all post-secondary training: technical certifications, 4 and 2-year degrees, union trainings, and apprenticeships.

In our programs preparing students for college and careers after graduation is a pervading culture.

Students completing their graduation requirements is an exciting time in our high school program. Currently, thirty-eight percent of enrollees are seniors desiring to earn their diploma. During summer programming we had three students complete their graduation requirements. They are off to the next step!

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