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Minnesota Reading Corps (MRC)

Minnesota Reading Corps is a strategic initiative of ServeMinnesota, demonstrates how service and science can accelerate improvement in both students and systems. By mobilizing the people power of AmeriCorps, Reading Corps provides evidence-based literacy interventions and data-based assessments to children from age three to grade three.

Using the latest research on reading intervention strategies and guidance from literacy experts, Reading Corps is a critical link in literacy acquisition. It provides what struggling readers need - individualized, data-driven instruction, one-on-one attention, well-trained tutors, instruction delivered with fidelity, and the frequency and duration necessary for student achievement.

For teachers, regularly delivering individualized, one-on-one instruction can be difficult, if not impossible. Because Reading Corps tutors are focused solely on providing reading support, they can target instruction and dedicate the time needed for each student.

Tutors commit to a year of AmeriCorps service, receive rigorous training and ongoing support throughout the year from literacy coaches, and use assessments to ensure their efforts produce the desired results - helping children achieve grade-level reading proficiency.

Watch the PreK model in action and the K-3 model in action!


Minnesota Math Corps (MMC):

Minnesota Math Corps is an AmeriCorps program that provides trained math tutors for students grades four through eight.

Math Corps tutors are trained with the skills necessary to assist students in becoming algebra-ready by eighth grade and to help set up students for success in a world increasingly dependent on understanding math concepts.

Minnesota Math Corps tutors  work with children from fourth through eighth grade to provide proven research-based instruction and ultimately, guide struggling students toward increased confidence and success in math.


Become a Reading or Math Corps Tutor at Cambridge-Isanti Schools

Would you love to help children grow their reading skills and succeed in school? If your answer is yes, you can serve as a tutor with Minnesota Reading Corps. Use the links below to learn more.


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