Cambridge-Isanti Gifted & Talented Programming

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The goal of the Cambridge-Isanti Gifted & Talented Program will be to assist gifted students in developing intellectual and academic abilities. With this goal in mind, Cambridge-Isanti Schools is in the midst of researching gifted & talented programming as well as the criteria needed and selection process used to enter the program. Research is being done regarding the special strategies being used for the gifted and talented population. The program will utilize both a differentiation model in the classroom and a pull out or enrichment program during the day. The district will continue to discuss opportunities for accelerated core curriculum options in grades 7-12.

Opportunities for academic extensions are available in our schools, through in-school experiences or after-school academic clubs and activities. Many students have the opportunity to participate in regional, state and national academic competitions, further developing their skills and talents.

Academically Advanced Learners

Children who demonstrate exceptional performance in one or more academic areas are considered ‘Advanced’. Exceptional performance includes proficiency in tasks at least one grade level above and possessing and/or applying knowledge in transformative, complex ways. Academic extension, academic enrichment and independent investigations are options that serve academically talented students at the K-5 level. Honors and accelerated courses strive to meet the needs of academically talented middle school students. CIHS offers various choices for students to maximize their path, pursue their passions and prepare for post secondary options.

Intellectually Gifted Learners

Children who demonstrate significant advanced problem solving and an ability to synthesize knowledge with high levels of divergent, critical, logical, and abstract thinking are often considered ‘Gifted’. These learners have IQ scores two standard deviations or more above the norm and are capable of high performance on reasoning tasks when compared to their age appropriate peers. Enrichment and extensions are available for students, and success paths can be planned with parents to ensure a partnership is formed for greater individualized support.


Looking Ahead: 2017-19 Goals

Design criteria for identifying students who demonstrate exceptional abilities and require support beyond the mainstream grade level content. Major components of the identification methods include:

  • Academic performance - coursework

  • Standardized measures of progress

  • Success outside of school

  • Students from underrepresented populations (such as children of color and children from low socioeconomic backgrounds)

Develop and expand programming in the areas of academic, creative, artistic and leadership so that we address the advanced abilities of identified gifted/talented students. Cambridge Isanti Schools will explore:

  • Differentiated resources, instructional strategies and assessment options in all grade levels for gifted/talented students.

  • Specific training for school personnel in differentiation and advanced training for individuals providing instruction to gifted/talented students.

  • Parental awareness of the varied needs of gifted/talented children.

  • Community insight to guide the planning, development and implementation of programs for gifted/talented students.

  • Options for acceleration in grades 7-12 core academic areas as well as leadership opportunities with peers and within the district.​​

For 2017-19, the district will design avenues for responding to the varied needs, talents and interests of our students. As such, Cambridge Isanti Schools will assess and plan how they can best meet the needs of students through differentiation of curriculum and enrichment and extension.