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Medication Administration   

1.  Any medication which has been prescribed by a physician or medical provider and has been FDA approved, can be administered by the school nurse or designee.  The school nurse or designee may also administer non-prescription FDA-approved medications.  These guidelines must be followed in the administration of prescription and non-prescription medications:


2.  The medicine must be in the original container (State Law).


3.  The medicine must be accompanied by a medication authorization form and signed by the parent stating:
   (a) the time the medicine is to be given in school;
   (b) the reason the medicine is to be given;
   (c) the allergies (if any) that the child has, particularly to medications; and
   (d) the telephone number where parents can be reached during the day.


    * Click the link on the right to download and print the Medical Authorization form


4.  Over the counter medication can be given during a two week period or less without a physician signature, BUT requires a parent signature on the medication authorization form.  


5.  Over the counter medication or prescription medication kept in the health office for longer the 2 weeks, will require a parent signature AND physician signature. Health office staff can fax for to your clinic to obtain physician's signature.


5.  If the school nurse has any questions about the administration of the medicine, she may withhold the dispensing of it until she has been able to contact the parent and/or medical provider.


If you have questions please review Policy 516 in the Policy Manual that can be found in the Main Menu under the School Board in the About dropdown.




To report your child's immunization records please download, print, and complete the Pupil Immunization Form link on the right.


If your child has a severe allergy, please download, print, and return the Student Allergy Information form on the right.


Food Allergies
Does your child have food allergies that the food service at your childs school needs to know about? Contact your school health office. If a student has a physicians order on restricted foods click on "food service" on the main CI school page and then click on menus to access the correct form you need for your child. Return documents to school health services.